We are a two-piece band which consists of:

One 12 string Guitar, and... 
An ever-changing Violinist which can also play "Mandolin" and "Banjo". Plus… we all sing and have all our own special Micrphones and Stands.

We also come equipped with several sizes of PA equipment to support "Small", "Medium", and "Larger" Venues.
We have a 300-Watt , a 600-Watt , and a 1200-Watt PA. All we require is one power plug provided to our place of performanc
(two for the larger PA)

We also have a 1200-Watt Gas Generator, and is available to power the smaller venues, and a 20,000 Watt Gas Generator for the larger venues, which require portable power for those Over the Hill and Faraway places.
*(Generators are available upon request, and will be an extra cost)

We are a fully contained duo, and are ready and willing to play your next venue, making it a special event to remember!